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Our homework help tutoring service is the perfect fit for any student who simply wants to focus on the curriculum covered in the classroom.  With this option, the tutor shows up to help reinforce concepts that have been taught in the classroom and the student directs the focus of each session.
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Customized Tutoring Program

Our customized tutoring programs begin with an informal evaluation to identify the student's strengths and weaknesses.  An educational plan is created to address any gaps in learning and push the student forward towards attaining his or her academic goals.  With the customized tutoring program, the tutor will bring in outside curriculum as needed, while allowing for time to reinforce coursework.  Academic goals and progress will be more closely monitored and, if desired, Fog City Tutoring will contact the student's teachers to coordinate efforts.  
Who will benefit?
  • Students who are functioning below academic level.
  • Students who need more than reinforcement but actual teaching of past concepts.  
  • Students who are struggling academically but are not suspected of having a learning disability.
  • Students who need foundation level concepts reintroduced and solidified.
  • Students with organization problems.
Who will benefit?
  • Students who are functioning at grade level but would like individual reinforcement of coursework.
  • Students who need additional teaching time and practice to fully understand concepts introduced in class.
  • Students who would like help studying for tests.
  • Students who are organized and can identify their academic needs.
  • Students who would like a tutor to answer questions and check homework.
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