What is Educational Therapy?

Educational therapists take a holistic approach to learning by taking into account the student's social, emotional, physical and educational development.  Educational therapists provide child specific educational intervention and remediation services for struggling learners and students with learning disabilities.  They also provide formal and informal assessment services to identify a student's learning profile and the presence of processing disorders.

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Educational Therapy
Why Educational Therapy?

  • The student has a diagnosed learning disability or is suspected of having a learning disability.

  • The student would benefit from understanding his or her learning style and how tto use it to be academically successful. 

  • The student shows organizational issues.

  • The student is below grade level in a subject. 

  • The student needs in-class modifications.

  • The student would benefit from case management services.
Fog City Tutoring partners with local educational therapists to help parents easily connect with trusted resources for both educational evaluations and intervention services.  If you are interested in educational therapy, please use the form below to contact us and we will have someone contact you shortly.