About Us
Fog City Tutoring & Academic Services was founded on the belief that every student deserves to be academically successful.  With schools increasing the pace of the curriculum, often times students need individualized attention to help them better understand, generalize and apply concepts.  We are dedicated to providing individualized academic attention, focused on helping students achieve their goals and pursue a career of lifelong learning.

To ensure the highest quality of service, we hire tutors who have graduated from some of the top universities in the country.  We choose to hire our tutors as employees so that we can maintain close contact with them and ensure that student goals are being achieved and that new curriculum is brought into the sessions whenever needed.  Every tutor is rigorously pre-screened, annually background checked and comes highly recommended from their past educational jobs.

Summer Programs

Fog City Tutoring is dedicated to giving back to the community and offers discounted educational services to Bay Area non-profit groups. Currently, Fog City Tutoring is proud to be working with students from FAME Charter School, Catholic Charities' Refugee Foster
Program and The Edgewood Center. We are always happy to partner with new organizations and encourage such requests.  Currently we can only accommodate requests from organizations and not individuals.  If your organization is interested in creating a partnership with Fog City Tutoring & Academic Services, please contact Meghan Francisco.

In the Community